Located in South Jakarta, Wulangreh Omah Budaya (Wulangreh the House of Culture) offers an alternative way of learning Indonesia’s rich cultural traditions, especially Javanese, in a casual way, wrapped in a calm, beautiful and amiable atmosphere.


  • Being a melting-pot of arts, culture, history and spiritual activities
  • Promoting while preserving the diversity of Indonesian cultures

  • Providing a unique study place of both Indonesian and pop cultures.


Learn and unlearn. Get to know Indonesian diverse culture through our workshops, classes and many more.
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Wulangreh Omah Budaya welcome people of all levels of experience and ages, including toddlers, kids, teens as well as adults, to our convenient, ‘shorter’ and practical classes.

We are here to help you to start your creative projects, reconnect with your cultural ‘roots’, or learn a new skill through our various workshops. Taught by experienced and passionate teachers and mentors, you will fully explore your creativity and potential, all while having a good time.  

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We are currently conducting community development program and service in Krecek Village, Central Java. You can also join us in our community gathering and local artisan Sunday market “Pasar Minggu Pahingan” held every 35 days following the Javanese calendar cycle, in our home base in Jakarta.

Besides workshops, classes, community service and gathering, we also love organizing traditional Javanese ceremonies such as ‘Nyadran’, traditional Javanese wedding processions and rituals as well as ‘mitoni’ and ‘tedhak siten’ ceremonies.

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We cannot help but share the joy of learning with everyone.

I am so delighted to see these young people preserving Indonesian cultures.

Wasono Kusubandio / Retired Armed Forces Officer

I joined Pallawa Script Class. It was easy to understand and follow the explanation. It made me want to learn much more Indonesian scripts.

Anggita Manggala N.N / Illustrator and Graphic Designer

The Art Therapy painting class is so inspiring. I love the teacher, the organizer as well as the venue. I really really really love the class!

Lila Sepang / Traveller and Photographer

We started off the batik class by learning its philosophy and culture. Learning to make batik is very challenging but worthwhile.

Destya Pusparani / Civil Servant of Central Government


We love collaboration that maximizes synergy.

Omah Wulangreh is a contemporary creative space for young generations in preserving Indonesian arts and culture.

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As a cultural community, Omah Wulangreh can wrap various activities in a unique packaging such as ‘Pasar Minggu Pahingan’ (Pahingan Sunday Market).

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We cultivate positive relationships with our team, family, clients, and partners. We are passionate about our work and about working together — with mutual respect, partnership and appreciation of all perspectives and approaches. The art of collaboration — both internally within Wulangreh Omah Budaya and externally with the rest of the world — amplifies our collective knowledge.